Essay about Sports in the 1970's

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Sports of the 1970’s There are things that can change people. There are things that can change entire civilizations. Sports are one of these things. I enjoy playing sports, but my interest in sports goes beyond that. I enjoy the psychological aspect of sports as well as watching the major sporting events for mere entertainment. Sports and their respective players had a major impact on the 1970’s around the world. In the following essay I am primarily going to discuss major changes in America’s sports. Let’s get started. To begin, I’ll discuss America’s sports. America’s entertainment industry is basically dominated by sports year round no matter where you live. Life in the 1970’s was no different. The primary sports, which were football and baseball, became major sources of income. These businesses sought ways to exploit and expand these fast growing sports in the interest of enlarging the market for their products. Thus, new products were brought to the markets, and the culture was forever changed. Headlines frequently spoke of the big games nationwide and eventually an entire section of the newspaper was dedicated to sports and sports alone. This change was important because these sports brought large sums of money into the struggling American economy that so desperately needed it. One major change that occurred was the introduction of the “Free Agency” system. This system involves players, who have completed at least one year and whose contracts have run out, being put into a large pot and each team gets to pick a player for each round. This system was in the headlines for months before the actual “draft” began. Reporters and fans were eager to learn what players were going to each team, which caused even more publicity for American sports. This system revolutionized and modernized American football. This system inspired many other countries around the world in which football was played to modernize their own leagues as well. Another interesting occurrence in sports was what came to be known as “Ping Pong