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A job that I find interesting on the Team Work website is that of the Public Relations Director for Churchill Downs. This is the racetrack that is of course responsible for holding the Kentucky Derby. My main duty as the Public Relations Director would be to drive year-round earned media impressions and enhance consumer relevance for both Churchill Downs itself, and the Kentucky Derby. I chose this job because the Kentucky Derby has always been something that has interested me. An event with so much tradition and nostalgia to uphold would be a challenge but I hope this course will help better prepare me to maybe do something like this one day. The first thing on my list of essential duties is to Develop and lead annual PR strategy and execution for Churchill Downs® & The Kentucky Derby® brands. This sounds great and all but I'm hoping what this course will do is really break things down that sound so vague to me. For instance what does it really mean to lead the execution? Does this make me the “idea person” or does that come from someone down the line. All questions I hope to know the answer to soon. Another bullet I found interesting in my essential duties was one that read “Manage Derby Gala partnerships & celebrity activation”. My question is what does celebrity activation mean exactly? I know that companies can choose certain celebrities to represent their brand and essentially become the face of that brand. But, somehow I don't think that is what was meant