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Fundamentals of Athletic Training

Student Worksheet for Chapter 21: Environmental Situations and
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Use your textbook to answer the following questions. Be sure to write legibly.

Section 1: Fill in the Blank
Use the following options to form parameters for the following scenarios. Each problem presented gives temperature and humidity during a practice. In the blank, indicate the following: no restriction, practice canceled, frequent water breaks, shorts and T-shirts, watch all athletes prone to heat disorders, and practice with 10-minute water breaks.

1. Humidity is 90, and temperature is 95° Fahrenheit (35.0 °C). ______practice cancelled_______
2. Temperature is 70° Fahrenheit (21.1 °C), and humidity is 70._____no restrictions______
3. Humidity is 95, and temperature is 101° Fahrenheit (38.3 °C). _________practice cancelled___________ 4. Temperature is 80° Fahrenheit (26.7°C), and humidity is 65. __watch athletes prone to heat disorders_ 5. Humidity is 55, and temperature is 73° Fahrenheit (22.8 °C). _____no restrictions________
6. Temperature is 91° Fahrenheit (32.8 °C), and humidity is 78. ______practice cancelled_______
7. Humidity is 32, and temperature is 100° Fahrenheit (37.8 °C). ____frequent water breaks and over hydration and shorts and a t shirt______
8. Temperature is 83° Fahrenheit (28.3 °C), and humidity is 68. __watch athletes prone to heat disorders__ 9. Humidity is 87, and temperature is 77° Fahrenheit (25.0 °C). ____no restrictions______
10. Temperature is 67° Fahrenheit (19.4 °C), and humidity is 75. ____no restrictions_________

Section 2: Fill in the Temperature
1. Normal body temperature: _____________98.6___________°

Fundamentals of Athletic Training

2. Heatstroke temperature: _________104_______________°
3. Heat exhaustion temperature: ____________98.6_________________________.____°
4. Water used to rewarm for frostbite: ______________102__________°
5. First signs of hypothermia: __________________95______°

Section 3: Define the Following
1. Hypothermia a result from a prolonged exposure to damp cold typically when core body temp begins to drop
2. Frostbite exposure to cold for a long period of time causing body parts to freeze

3. Heat cramps involuntary muscle contractions caused by dehydration and loss of sodium as a result of profuse sweating

4. Heat exhaustion caused by prolonged exercise in a hot humid environment to the point of dehydration

5. Heatstroke excessively high body temperature caused by the hypothalamus shutting down

6. Heat index plot of air