What Role Does Ethics Play In Business Today

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a. Associating myself with the people/public. It is entertaining watching different people come in and out of the store. It is a very relaxed environment when ran correctly. Interacting with customers and trying to develop a quick relationship to make them feel comfortable in our store and not pressured to buy something. 4. What are your biggest challenges in your current position? a. Dealing with upset/frustrated customers is never enjoyable. Not everyone is happy with everything, so it is my job to deal with these certain problems and try and change the customers mood. 5. What role does ethics play in business today? a. In today’s society, I believe ethics are starting to slip away from the scene in business. For instance I think a lot of people try and force and possibly lie to get a sale. We like to assure the customer and make them feel comfortable and not rushed, hold true conversations. 6. What do you see as the key characteristics of the top performers in your organization? Are they different today from when you began your career? a. Their ability to overcome a stressful situation. A top characteristic in my mind is being able to have a good personality with everyone, but still remember they are in a business and take care of business when something is on the line. b. Yes, growth is seen quite often in my eyes. Some of the employees had experience in a retail store, some did not. You can see and appreciate the help around the ones who did not have much experience. They started a bit tense and now it is fun to see how comfortable everyone is with everyone. 7. How would you characterize your personal leadership philosophy? a. Very relaxed, make sure everything is in order and take care of business when business needs done. I do not want to scare or intimidate the employers. That causes a stressful environment. When we get busy, it is stressful enough. I want to make sure everyone is relaxed and comfortable with everyone. 8. How do you view the role of motivation and empowerment in the workplace? a. I feel as if you come with high energy every morning, it will feed throughout the store. We often make goals for our company and small incentives will be awarded. That keeps everyone motivated and ready to work, there are those stressful and gloomy days, but that is