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Surrey Human Performance Institute – Surrey Sports Park

On Monday, 22nd of April 2013 the Sports Science pupils travelled to the Surrey Human Performance Institute in Guildford to perform various laboratory and field tests relating to Topic 6 in the course: Measuring Performance.

We were fortunate enough to have a lecture and presentation on what VO2 max testing is and how to measure it as well as Lactate Threshold. As there was not enough time Moritz Ehmer (a student in grade 10 keen on taking the subject next year in the IB Diploma) performed the VO2 max test. The sophisticated technology granted us an insight into the true science behind the test. Something we unfortunately do not have at school. Every pupil then performed spirometer test, which were indications of lung capacity and lung function. Rex Henderson and Daniel Koopowitz measured their quadriceps and hamstring muscle strength using a knee dynamometer, a complex piece of equipment that the Harlequins Rugby team uses during the season to rehabilitate knee injuries.

Every student had their body fat percentage measured through the use of skin calipers and a software on a computer as a part of measuring body composition, maybe not the greatest idea after enjoying a drink and a snack from Starbucks situated in the sports park. Next on the schedule were the field tests. These include a multi-stage fitness test called the Yo-yo test to measure cardio-vascular endurance, the sit and reach test, the standing jump test, 20-meter sprint test and the handgrip dynamometer…