Spread Of Islam Research Paper

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A man of the name Muhammad, was confused of his morals when he was a merchant in the city of Mecca, until he was called by God who led him to his resolution. Muhammad was called by God to spread the teachings of Islam. For the remaining part of his life he dedicated himself to spreading the religion. Once he died in 632 A.D., there was conflict between the Muslims that divided them into different tribes. Even though the schism caused a gap between the Muslims, that didn’t stop them from conquering multiple empires and converting thousands to millions to the Islam religion. Therefore, during the 7th and 8th centuries Muslims started successfully expanding over Europe and Asia because the Persian and Byzantine Empires were weakened, the social mobility and comforts the Islam culture offered attracted others to convert, and because their new trade routes they gained through conquering empires spread the Muslim knowledge and culture. Amidst of the Islam culture growing during the ‘Golden Age’ of the empire, other territories …show more content…
People of different Religions such as Christianity and Hindu started follow the Islam religion because first off some didn’t want to pay the tax that no-Muslims had to pay. Also, they were able to obtain higher stature occupations being a Muslim. Even though some of these conversions were to obtain the comforts of a Muslim, others were attracted to the social mobility the Islam culture offered. The Islamic religion accepted followers to change in their class position, and thought that everyone was equal which fascinated followers of other religions persuading them to convert. This had a major impact on the success of the Islam growth because it gave them support from new followers who converted to the Islam