Essay on Spring and Sagua la Grande

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Luis Almaral
Prof: Ana Naumova
Sagua la Grande best vacation spot .
“There is always that one spot that can ease all the life problem and stress”. For me that spot is Sagua la Grande. While I’m visiting this small city in the middle of Cuba I always get amaze and relax. “Sagua la Grande” is one of the most beautiful cities of Cuba and is being consider world heritage. Over all the places that I have visited, is the most beautiful, peaceful and enchanted place to visit. When people ask me about a favorite vacation spot, the first place it comes up in my mind is Sagua La Grande. Not only because is on my country, but this place has a natural beauty that is a mix of; the kind of people who live here, the amazing food that they prepare and all the incredible views and natural ambient that we can found in this region.
The city is about 255 sq. miles (Wikipedia) whit a low dense population, thank to this factor we are allowed to see nature at his biggest expression of freedom. In the North part of the city is located a beach named Isabela de Sagua; what it means the girlfriend of Sagua in Spanish whit the clearest water that I have ever swim into. The water is so clear that you can even see the fish and other sea creatures living in the banks. Additionally we can appreciate a big diversity of live corals which are under water stick to the rocks creating vivid and impressive colors .Tropical trees of all sizes and shapes like mango three and coconut palms are around the beach; providing the tourist whit shade and covering them from the hot sun of the Caribbean. There is also a place called El Dique which a natural spring of sweet water in the center of a mountain. In El Dique every time I go my I put myself in a dilemma, between appreciating the spectacular views of the transparent water breaking the middle of the mountain, the singing of birds or appreciating dozens of incredible flowers that are all around the place. Taking my shirt of and jumping in the cool spring water and enjoy a refreshing dip in this astonishing place, its feels like the best idea always. Thanks to the size of the city and the population this place is almost virgin.
As well as all the natural beauty that makes this place a remarkable spot for vacation; there is something even more especial and remarkable the resident’s .The economy of the city is fully vase in fishing and the sugar cane cultivation. The closest city to this town is around 120 miles of distance. This have made the town state freeze in time and keep all the nostalgic memories of the old Cuba .Therefore al the locals are really courteous and helpful people with tourist who decided to visit their town .If I walk in the street I found people of all ages, they are always happy to have you at their modest houses; and invite you to eat or just to drink a special cup of coffee sweetened with sugar cane made just in this region. This entire whit the only condition of telling them story’s about other places where I have being and letting them know how they are