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Anabelle Denault ENC1101 Dissuasive Film

We all have a crazy idea of Spring Break, which includes partying, having fun and meeting new people. The movie Spring Breakers written and directed by Harmony Korine was supposed to represent just that. They’re plenty of movies that portray college students’ spring break, so watching this movie starring four very well known actors Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, James Franco, and Ashley Benson, I expected much more. In most movies/shows, Selena, Ashley, and Vanessa depict the ‘good girl’ image, and they should stick to just that. Seeing young disney channel actresses act like druggies wasn’t appealing or entertaining at all. They are supposed uphold a certain reputation considering they are the women that young girls look up to. Even James Franco, a known ‘Stoner Actor’ was portrayed stupidly. He was supposed to be a “gangster” but looked more like a fool on some serious drugs. Being a part of this film was a horrible decision for all of these actors.
Spring Breakers is the type of movie that wouldn’t have even hit theatres if it didn’t star widely known actors. The only reason I watched this movie is because of the actors in it. I believed it would be good considering I have watched a handful of movies that they acted in and they usually portray interesting characters. I also adore Selena Gomez, once I knew she was staring in it, I deemed it as a ‘must watch’ movie. Yet of course, another disappointment, Selena pretty much only acted for half the film, and wasn’t even good at it. Spring Breakers also seemed like a director wannabe produced it, the type that was horrifically made by an independent director with an iphone. Not saying the quality of the movie was bad, just very unoriginal. The beginning of the movie includes college students on the beach, nude, drinking and getting crazy, that’s all predictable and how most college themed movies begin. It seemed more of a parody movie to me, cause in reality, how often do college girls on spring break steal cars, kill people, get shot, do a lot of drugs and fall in love with a gangster. If you ask me, none…