Developmental Psychology

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Sebastian Canola

What is Developmental psychology?

Sebastian Canola

What is developmental psychology

At this point in time, my understanding of developmental psychology is as follows; it’s how each individual is molded, crafted, and shaped into who they are, and who they become. How each of the significant situations, traumas, and influences make them who they are. I think it’s far more complex then what can be understood on an average day. Many of us simply go about our days, live a routine, but rare is it that we stop and think. Think of how things occur, and what really is happening. About the human body itself, and for its needs, wants, and desires. For instance if you did something that’s offsetting, something that left you feeling guilty or upset, rare is it that we sit down and think about what caused that emotion. That form of behavior is truly important for development. It’s crucial, or at least for me to reinvent yourself, and constantly attempt to make yourself better. I saw a documentary on Netflix called What the #$#! Do We Know? Which explains how our mind plays and shows us what we allow it to see. We create our own world each day. That we create our reality, for the good and bad; For instance in the movie they said “ Thinking positive is hiding the Negative” I can personally say that being positive and finding the good in all makes my life peaceful and stress free, but realistically I am hiding the negative; but I never came to that realization on my own. It hits on a concept that I find crucial to live, and I attempt to live my own life this way. And that’s how incredible we are, that we can change, adapt, and bring meaning into our own life. That in a whole, it’s not what we do to our body, but what we do to our mind. Learning to control our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our mindset, is the greatest asset we can own. Each day we create our day by having incentives of what we want to do, and how we want to do it. And those decisions are made due to a goal, or a need, or for any particular reason. Sometimes those things are for our best, or for our fall. Having said that, The movie hits on a point stating that “memories cloud our vision” and that the height of arrogance is the height of control. Sometimes the choices we make are from our past experiences, those memories influence our decisions, and cloud our judgments. It may be for the best, or for the worst, but the results from our past choices heavily control how we live in the present, and we act based on that. And this clearly shows us how controlled and connected we are to our emotions.

The movie said “We are our emotions, and our emotions are us.” How we receive these signals from our brain, How we can work from the inside out; how it all in a combined force moves us daily. Throughout the entirety of our life, for the wrong and right, for the good and bad in a whole, were guided by the feelings that go through us. This documentary clearly showed us how addictions form, the we are addicted to emotions. For instance, Heroin produces the same peptides love does, and the addiction for this drug comes from the want and enjoyment that love can bring. Or even alcohol for that matter, I can personally say my enjoyment for it comes from the feeling of euphoria at its highest peak. I love that feeling, I feel invincible, and that im worthy of all the bounty life has to offer, and I feel it.