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Cloud Database is an Online Database, a collection of multiple RDBMS software’s having a unique user-interface which help the user to connect to required Database and perform the essential actions.

The users can perform the following activities: a) DDL operations b) DML operations c) Generate Queries d) Convert queries from One RDMS format to Other e) Connect to user specific database


The aim of the project is to provide access to various RDBMS without installing the server’s. The main reason behind developing the project are Memory and Cost. To install multiple RDBMS software’s, we need to allocate a huge amount of memory and they are expensive too. As well as we need bigger RAM.

These problem will be taken care by our product Cloud Database which hosts various RDBMS servers and providing access to them by a well-designed user interface. Thus an end user just need a browser to connect and there by perform all essential operations on the database in which he is interested.

If the user is interested in connecting to remote database, we are providing a separate user panel to enter the connection properties. Once the connection is successful, he can perform all database operations.

Project Description

We have an authentication panel where user can login to the system and there by access his own table space. A new user can create an account by providing his information. He can select multiple database’s in which he is interested. Once the account is created successfully, default tables will be loaded into his table space so that he can start performing database operations.

We also have a guest login, where the user enters a common workspace which is common to all guest accounts. He can perform all database operations which a registered user can do.

The following are the operations provided by the cloud database: a) DDL Operations

• DDL operations are Create, Alter, Drop, Truncate, Rename. • These operations are performed on the table. • The user can type the queries in the provided area and there by executing them.

b) DML Operations

• DML operations are Insert, Update and Delete. • Insert operation is used to all data into the table. • Update operation is used to update data existing in the table. • Delete operation is used to remove the data from the table. • The user can type the queries in the provided area and there by executing them.

c) Generate Queries

• To perform the actions