Squire Hotel Group Case Study Essay

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The Squire Hotel Group Question one ' Evaluate the performance measures in place at the Squire Hotel. The Squire’s group hotel is doing well performance wise although it does have a few problems. The rooms division is performing well due to the hotel being constantly kept at a high occupancy level. However, the food and beverage section of the hotel group isn’t doing so well. This is clearly indicated by the Restaurant Manager, Elizabeth Dicken, who says that she is forced by upper management to reduce costs that in turn are affecting her restaurant to the extent that she is loosing customers. These are all good measures of a hotels performance. The complaints system is very poor which makes accessing customer satisfaction very …show more content…
At end of the day customer satisfaction is much more important if suppose customer is not happy with their service from next time onwards he won’t enter their hotel. If the customer is happy with their service he would not be concerned with paying extra money for high quality of service. Examples: The Marriot Hotels group contribute to natural disasters around the globe. They are trying to built an image in front of the customers that they are caring for every kind of person. Keeping such an attitude towards work they are climbing the ladder of success. They are easily their repeated booking. McDonalds is trying to serve their guest as quick as possible but they are not at all caring of the quality .They are trying to force their employees to make it done as soon as they take the order. If such thing goes on their would be fight between employer and employee .And at the end of the day employee will not turn on to his work. That will create bad impression about McDonalds and no employee will be willing to work under such extreme conditions. Hotel Intercontinental are charging there guest 5 star hotel tariff but they are lacking in the services. They are not at all bothered about service which they are providing the guest. There main Moto is to earn as much profit as they can .Hotel Intercontinental is franchising Lalit Hotel so that Intercontinental can earn little bit of profit and Lalit as well .At end Intercontinental is spoiling its brand