Sr Project Busn 460 Cango Wk 6 Essay

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CanGo week 6
I have observed that CanGo is in the mists of making decisions on how to grow the company. They have found out that they cannot really fund all of the ideas they have for the growth. There was the suggestion to move employees around, or an IPO put in place or the company will never grow into anything bigger than what it is. They are focused on their competitions offerings and are worried they will be left behind if they don’t expand their offerings. Liz and Maria make a suggestion of moving employees down but are met with a debate that if they move the employees around it may cause problems in the long run. In part 2 of the video they decide to handle everything in-house, and begin talking of moving some of the warehouse to
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Maria asks how are they going to solve these problems, he then suggests prioritizing everyone’s work, and to weigh the pros and cons of working on one project than another.

Recommendation: I would like to see the CanGo management speak to the finance department to what their financials look like to. Also to speak with HR to see if they could possibly start a cross training program for the employees to handle other departments when they are in need. Management should set-up a separate Gantt chart of what each department is working on and what employees are working on working what, it will show them what the priority is and if they are working on another project also that requires more attention than the other.

2) Issue – Warren, Maria, and Gail are talking with each other about taking Whitney off the servers and to put her on applications. Warren at first is saying no because he worries of server failure and the business failing. But suggests she can write codes for some of the new ventures. Maria suggest it may be a balancing act for Whitney, but Warren dismisses what Maria says and goes on to say that they are not going to get something for nothing and massive overtime will need to be paid. Maria tells warren that Liz thinks it’s really a priority but warren again dismisses it and states that it isn’t really a priority. Gail, Maria, and Warren agree that quality must be maintained. Maria then states instead