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Gold Coast Region BBYO
SRC Steering Application
Hey GCR! This is your chance to be a part of the steering team for these amazing conventions! Steerers carry a great responsibility- they are the ones who shape the convention and make sure that the voices of all members are heard. The duties of a
SRC Steerer include:

Act as a role model to the convention body.
Help keep convention participants quiet when necessary.
Help make phone calls to encourage members to attend convention.
Attend steering meetings in the weeks leading up to convention
○Steering meeting 1: January 27- Davie 5:00-6:15
○Steering meeting 2: Feburary 4- Boca 5:00-6:15
○Steering meeting 3: Feburary 26- Davie 5:00-6:15
○Steering meeting 4: March 10- Boca 5:00-6:15
Plan their program in accordance with the rest of the convention.
Be willing to meet ALL deadlines.

If you think you have what it takes, and you are ready to work hard to help us create the most amazing SRC experience GCR has ever seen, you need to be apart of the
SRC Steering Team!
Applications will be due to by Wednesday, January 21 by 2
PM. Submissions after 2 PM on January 21 will not be considered. Steerers will then be notified by January 22.
If you have any questions, please contact Leda Estrine or Josh Goldberg at! Can’t wait to make this the best SRC yet!

Steering Application
Steering Opportunities:
Opening Ceremonies (2 Positions Available: 1 Girl, 1 Boy): These steerers will manage the flow of our Opening
Ceremonies, including the awards presentations and basic scripting of these programs. Additionally, they will be responsible for welcoming all of GCR to the hotel and signing them into the convention. They will also be creating convention packets for all participants and staff.
Senior Appreciation (2 Positions Available [NO SENIORS]): They will also be responsible for making the seniors’ final convention an incredible experience that they will remember forever. Also, these steerers will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Life Ceremonies, which is an incredibly special time for all seniors process for participant selection. Chapter Excellence Chairs (6 Positions Available): Do you think you planned the program of the year for your chapter?
If so, this position is for you. Please submit a full script and program write up form along with a submission of why you think your chapter’s program was so successful and why bringing it to the region will ensure success. Showcase your chapter in a new light!
Advisor Appreciation (2 Positions Available): These steerers will work with each chapter to help them put together their advisor appreciation efforts, as well as coordinate the SRC advisor appreciation initiative. We love our advisors!!!
Media Committee (2-4 Positions Available): Each of the steerers are going to have various ways on the internet to post and blog about what is happening at the convention for the rest of the International Order to see! The job of the media committee is to utilize social media and whatever else you can think of and post pictures and videos prior to the convention and throughout the weekend! For this position preferably someone who knows how to work a camera for interviewing and videos.
Shabbat Committee: (6 Positions Available, 3 for each team: Team 1 Friday Night Services/ Team 2 Community
Shabbat Oneg ): This steering team will be responsible for all things Shabbat, including Friday night services, Saturday morning services, Havdallah, and Shabbat atmosphere. They will make sure that our community comes together to observe this special time through meaningful and engaging prayer and programming. These steerers will be responsible for putting together an Oneg for the community to come and feel welcome at SRC. When applying for this position, choose which Team you would like to be apart of!
Separates: (1 BBG, 1 AZA): The two steerers will work separately with the coordinators and Regional Staff