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Our nation as a whole has had a bad reputation when responding to aggression. We tend to turn on each other and target a race that we associate with the aggression. Even now, some people associate Germans with being Nazis because the Nazi party grew in Germany and caused Americans terror. Currently, some Americans associate Muslims with terrorism because an over-extremist terrorist group attacked us. America needs the mindset that just because a terrorist group happens to be Muslim, doesn’t mean they represent Muslims as a group. There have been terrorists of all races and religions throughout history and the best way to see them is not as black or white, Christian or Jewish, Russian or Canadian; it’s to see them as terrorists. In the 7th century AD, the teachings of Mohammed led the Arabs to be one of the most influential civilizations of all time. The teachings of Mohammed spread across the continent to the east and to the west, eventually expanding from the Atlantic Ocean to Southeast Asia. They were able to conquer other civilizations because the Arabs were fearless warriors. They believed that any Arab dying in battle was guaranteed entry into heaven. Their poverty also fueled hope for eventual riches, leading to them fighting even harder. The Arabian empire gained so many followers because they didn’t discriminate against race and they were tolerant of Christians, Jewish people, and other religions. Throughout time, views and understanding can change drastically. A good example would be the Taliban. They have taken an extremist view of “Islam” and oppose anyone who doesn’t follow their beliefs. Although they account for a small portion of Muslims, some people associate all Muslims with being terrorists and I think that is an outrageous way to think, but it is the way some people view Muslims. It’s the equivalent of saying all Jewish people are members of the Sicarii or all Christians are…