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As an iPhone user I have trouble using other smart phones. For example my brother recently upgraded to the new Galaxy S4. I do think the features are nice, neat, fun, out there and new but I just still prefer my iPhone 4s over his Galaxy S4. I believe though that I am not alone and that other iPhone users feel the same way. Maybe it’s the fact that the iPhone is very simple and easy to use or maybe some people are not tech savvy. Or my favorite conclusion is that some people could just like to follow herds and stand in a line for 9-15 hours to get the newest Apple technology that is the next great thing. I think companies like Apple do not put out the information about the phone and put a lot of hype into their smart phones to make people want them more. I, for right now, personally would just like to know what an iPhone user would pick, their current smart phone which is the iPhone or the new Galaxy S4? A research question is the question that you are trying to answer when you do research on a topic or write a research report. This question should be as specific as possible to what you are trying to find ask. This is where you then can develop a hypothesis to the outcome of your question. A hypothesis is a tentative statement about the relationship between two or more variables. A hypothesis is a specific, testable prediction about what you expect to happen in your study. [1] With all that said, my question is pretty simple. I am going to pick only two types of new phones to do my research question on and that is, “would an iPhone user choose the new Galaxy S4 over their iPhone or the new iPhone 5?” Now for the hypothesis statement is just as simple, the iPhone user will not pick the new Galaxy S4 and that they would either keep their iPhone 5 or upgrade their current iPhone to the new iPhone 5. I believe the iPhone user could be not very tech savvy or doesn’t care for all the extra features and likes their smart phone to have simple basic features. The Galaxy S4 has a lot of new ways to access the phone, swipe without using your hands and new ways of editing pictures but I see these features as extra not something that is a need and must have. Therefore I believe that the iPhone user will stay with their current iPhone or upgrade to the iPhone 5. I like the commercial for Bing that says they have a better search engine than Google. The commercial goes, “Which side do you like better? You answer will surprise you on what you pick.” I would like to do something like that but I think in a room setting and set it up as a survey. The survey method is the scientific investigation in which large samples of people answer questions about their attitudes or behavior. [2] I would do maybe a survey like the commercial Bing did. I think that is a type of survey and since it is not about something private in someone life it can be done openly. I would do this survey by taking a group of people ranging in ages from 18-50 years old male and female. Have the room set up with people who have the iPhone 5 or just an iPhone and have each person in this group use the Galaxy S4. Have the participants use the Galaxy S4 say for 3 hours. That, to me, is enough time to figure out how to use that smart phone and to find out what the participants like and dislike about the Galaxy S4. After that the participants would take a small simple survey on what they like and don’t like. At the end of the survey the last question would be something along the lines of “would you switch your current smart phone to the Galaxy S4 you just tested?” Then total up the groups survey answers to get the results the ending results of an iPhone user would stay with their current iPhone or upgrade to the latest iPhone 5.
There are ethical guidelines to take into consideration when a doing any type of method of observation. Some ethical considerations that you have to take into account when conducting a study. First one is basically an informed consent that is give to