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The prime impulse of industry development is the advance in technology, and competition between industries stimulates the development of technology, these two factors are interaction. In addition, the degree of interaction between them are depends on the size of monopoly circle in manufacturers. It seems that Cloud possesses the foregoing factors, it breaks the existing monopoly. The universal of cloud computing narrows the divergence and distance between large corporation and small firms, it lowers the barriers for entry the modern technology family, and benefit from ICT intensive commerce which were only available to the largest corporation before. (Marstona et al., 2011). Every corporation are posited at the same starting line when standing under immature technology, thus a huge opportunity is now presented for millions of developing corporations, especially for those who have ground to a halt since the pervious ICT revolution. Nowadays, Cloud computing is diffusing all spheres of our Earth, and extensive coverage rapidly and quickly during every second (Weinman, 2012). The Cloud - (short form for cloud computing) is the most popular topic in the revolution from traditional ICT, and it has already taken place since the early 21th century. There is no doubt that ICT provides a highly individualized approaches in business, Enterprises take its innovation and motivation as an advantages, and react with traditional conduct of commerce, result in a product of enormous profitability, in the other words, modern business without ICT support would suffer a major setback, even disintegrate when the cloud services is not functioning (llin et al., 2013), Nevertheless, as the revolution of ICT is in progress constantly, it generally offer a new solution of improvement, but at the same time, it can also expose corporations under a range of unconditional, this might lead to the adoption for current business organizations directly.

The traditional ICT provides ways of solution. However, it would only valid on particular tasks for which it is installed. In comparison with the old fashion way of operate business which is money-consuming, error-inclined and time-attrite (llin et al., 2013). Modern technology which based on cloud offers lower costs in range of heavy and complicated expenditures, an approach that enables partners cooperation in this cloud platform, and achieve a faster response by immediate access to resources and information. Expanding the list of partners might also reduce the unpredictable nature of business operation, it is because all date is available to be shared and the collaboration over the network makes partners connected. Those features mention above could encourage the process of traditional organization transformation.

Generally, Cloud computing offers several typical advantages as follow: Firstly, Comprehend the detail of Cloud infrastructure is no longer necessary, users are not required to possess expertise or knowledge in this area, they do not even need to control or operate directly. Another great feature of cloud computing is an adaptive platform which can be shaped by each individual, with different demand and desire (Marstona et al., 2011). Users are completely independent from others, which enable they use it in their suitable way. Users access to the service via number of methods, for instance: browsers, desktop applications or mobile applications (also known as "apps") (Mell et al., 2011). Service providers believe that Cloud allows corporations to deploy their application rapidly, and reduce the complexity of management and maintenance costs, enable resources swift reallocation to cope with the corporations need (Marstona et al., 2011). These could all be achieved by integrates cloud technology, software, data and resource into one service platform. This new concept makes corporations scale their services and resources easier, cloud computing stands on the vantage point since software