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Matt Abrams 2/14/13 St. Augustine Dr. Nicholson
St. Augustine “Augustine maintains that one cannot obtain true knowledge without faith: One should first believe in order to understand.” P.61

When I read that quote from St. Augustine I paused and really thought about how I felt about what I had just read, and then it came to my mind that it makes a lot of sense. For you to believe in anything at all and get a true knowledge of it I feel is to have faith in it for you to really understand believe in. It sounds like common sense and honestly it is, but I don’t know how many people really think about it.
My mother who is Christian always tells me, the reason true faith is important is that without it you cannot be saved nor can you please God. The biggest problem my mom said she notices in church today is that lack of True Faith. This quote also really made me think about my hobbies that I have faith in and only have faith in them because of the true knowledge that I have gained. My hobbies of football and snowboarding have made me a better person because it in order for me to accomplish them I need to have faith in myself, which results in me getting a true understanding that I can do anything if I put my mind too it.

I know in St Augustine case he was talking about religion since it saved his life because of his wild lifestyle, but I think its cool that he made God his hobby and that ultimately save him because…