St. Augustine Confessions Analysis

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Yareny Nassi
Professor Burns
RELI 300
October 23, 2015
Overview of The Confessions of St. Augustine

St. Augustine became one of the greatest influences in Western Christianity; do to his life story of a sinner into a saint in “The Confessions”. Many people believed themselves as sinners who cannot find salvation; but with St. Augustine story people related to him, repented for their sins and converted into Christianity. One of his most famous books “The Confessions” is a biography of his life and till this day people can still relate to him and be influenced by him to convert to Christianity. This book is divided into 13 books. Books 1 through 9 talks about Augustine's life, book 10 is Augustine’s exploration of memory, and books 11 through
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Augustine is very inspiring. I now understand why people convert to Christianity after reading his book. Life now is very different compared to the life of St. Augustine, but he committed sins people still do in our times. Stealing pears as a child was an innocent sin, it wasn’t that bad. Why did Augustine regret that sin the most as a child? He loved it. The big problem was that he loved acting upon a sin. His friends did it and if he didn’t he could have been treated differently by his friends. Children today still suffer from peer pressure. Hanging in the wrong crowed causes children to pick up bad habits. At first they can be innocent and small, but later in life can lead to more serious sins. Augustine confessed he loved to sin, it was fun, he threw the pears away at the end because he had better ones at home. Children who fall into enjoying to sin need to be redirected by their parents so they won’t fall in the wrong …show more content…
When he became sexually mature he became intrigued and quickly fell into the temptation of fornication. At the age of eighteen he got a girl pregnant! Even after she left him he accepted an arranged marriage; but later on declined because he did not want to wait two years of abstinence. I cannot imagine how disappointed his mother would have felt, at the age of eighteen he was going to be a father. I can already imagine the horrible things my mom would do if I came to her with news like that. My mom is a strict and traditional Catholic mother. There are days I wish she wasn’t, but deep inside I am glad she is. If she was not religious I could have fallen in the wrong path