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St. David’s Amendment Document

St David’s written Report – Amendment Document
Organisation and preparation was the key, when it came to presenting our proposal to the client. We were all credited for our preparation and presentation skills, knowledge of the client/brief and our confidence and professionalism.
Our introductions were dubbed as insightful, relaxed and confident; as we gave a description of our backgrounds and previous live briefs we have worked on. I tried to keep my introduction insightful and exciting, by incorporating humour and my love for the northeast and advertising. Personally I feel this went down, as the clients where laughing and engaged and asked questions.
Glen opened with the project background; using a summarising sentence. This did not appear to go down as well, as the clients asked a lot of questions. With this section we we/he should have incorporated the brief and explored the statement in more detail, and also included target audience research. This could also have been personalised, and our thoughts and opinions on the project should have been mentioned here.
The project research was covered by me. I tried to portray as much of my research without being boring or telling them what they already know. I attempted to be as factual as I can and demonstrate that I spent a lot of time looking into my section. I covered the costs of the extension, the amount of stores they have, and the fact that they are now the 11th largest shopping centre in the UK, and in the top 5 shopping destinations. I also covered there awards, footfall figures, catchment area, tourism figures and anchor tenants. This went down really well as they praised me for my research. They went on to explain that in a real agency briefing/presentation, a lot of the information I had given would have been delivered by the client for the agency to cross-examine, so they were overwhelmed with my finding especially as the information is challenging to come by, due to its commercially delicate nature. Although they were pleased with my research and statistics, they felt that it needed to be more specific to Wales. This information is very hard to come by for free, I found a lot of archives and websites where the information could be collated, but they were high charges and subscriptions. The agencies account manager (Claire Knight – Different), later explained that, agencies would usually have memberships to such sites and archives. So if given the chance to do it again I would have used this to my advantage.
When Glen delivered the competitor report; the room was electric. He was confident in his research and findings and this showed when the clients questioned him. We all stood as a unit and argued our choice in claiming that ‘online’ was the biggest competitor. Although there was a lack of depth in Glen’s research, i.e. claiming that Stadium Plaza was a direct competitor. This was immediately knocked back as the client claimed that the Stadium Plaza, did not offer anything near the capability of St. David’s. He was then told that he needed to consider the high street, as there are a few stores on the high street, that are not offered in St. David’s, also any other out of town centres and high streets.
Joe and Charlie then raised the bar when they presented their Creative work. They were assertive and affective in their choice of language and understanding of the brand. They revealed their clear understanding of the brief, market trends, tone of voice and key message. They also showed that they kept everything original, making the client indulge in the idea of on-location photography. The creative work was original and St.