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American children love a person they call Santa Clause because this person traditionally brings happiness to all at Christmas time. Actually this Santa Clause we know so well is really a holy and kind archbishop named Saint Nichols who was born long ago in the last of the third century in Patara in the provinces of Lycia in Asia Minor to a good Christmas couple Theophan and Nonna. It is said that St. Nicholas was a gental good child that who was much influenced by hi devout parents and his uncle also named Nicholas who was a bishop.

When saint Nicholas grew older he became a monk in the monastery of Sion near Mrya. Later he became a priest and abbot of the monastery. He lived a life of great holiness. All the wealth which he received after his parents death caused by the plague he gave to the poor and the needy. Gradually the word spread about his kindness and generosity and the many wondrous things he did practically for unfortunate children and young people. This caused the people to call him The Wonderworker
When the archbishop of Myra died it was decided that Nicholas was one to fill this office and so he became Archbishop of Myra. Although his was a very important position Saint Nicholas continued his humble his way to be very kind thoughtful generous person. Word of the miracles he performed spread. Saint Nicholas especially liked to do his good deeds in secret so that others would not know about them.

It is said that Saint Nichols was imprisoned for the Faith