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The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet
Nicholas Holloway
March 6, 2013
Period 2

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, By William Shakespeare. There were actually many signs of this hinting toward what happens at the end of the play. Have come across quite a few and found that it is interesting how a writer can do this. This play is about two families, one family is the Capulet’s and the other is the Montague they live in a city named Verona. These families were very big rivals and they hated each other more than anything. They fought constantly and one day the prince of Verona got sick and tired of it and said whoever starts the next fight will be killed. Our story then follows a young boy named Romeo who is Montague. Romeo I in love with a girl named Rosaline. However,
Rosaline does not like Romeo because he only wants to sleep with her. Then Romeo finds out that Rosaline is going to a party so he decides to go the only problem is it’s at the Capulet’s house. There he meets a girl named Juliet, who is a Capulet, and falls in love right away. Romeo then decides to sneak in to her yard and watch her through her window. He overhears Juliet talking about him and confronts her about it. They come out to each other about how they feel about each other. Then she tells him that he has until 9 in the morning the next day to reply to her offer of marriage. He then tells her he wants to get married so he goes to tell the local priest who then marries them behind their parents back. Meanwhile a fight broke out between a character named Tybalt and Romeos friend
Mercutio and Tybalt accidently kills Mercutio. In finding out Romeo went on a rampage and ended up killing Tybalt. As a result Romeo gets banned from Verona and is forced away from Juliet. Then as Juliet finds out she’s going to be married to someone her father picks out for her she panics and goes to the priest for help. The priest gives her a potion that will make her look and seem like she’s dead and she will wake up 42 hours later. The priest then tells Juliet that once she’s buried that he along with Romeo would help her escape. The priest sends letters to Romeo but they never get to him and Romeo’s page