St. Stephen the first martyr Essay

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St. Stephen The First Martyr

Have you ever asked God for help in life? St. Stephen asked for many people to receive help from God. In four steps one becomes a saint.. The first step is you must be granted Nihil Obstat (Nothing Hinders). The second step is to earn the title of Venerable. The third step is a miracle must happen after you are prayed to, to become beatified. Finally the last step is for a 2nd miracle must happen to become canonized and declared a saint. My saint was persecuted for his beliefs. He prayed for the sake of others. St. Stephen, lived a very inspirational life.
St. Stephen was a disciple of Jesus. He was born around the time of 8 B.C. to 4 A.D.
He grew up in Jerusalem. St. Stephen, lived with his grandparents because his parents died when he was very young. As a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit, he was chosen as an apostle around 22 A.D. Stephen was stoned in 36 A.D. He got his training from Jesus to preach the good new of Jesus Christ. Stoned in 36 A.D. which marked the death of the first
Christian martyr. St. Paul was at St. Stephen’s stoning, but at this time he was known as Saul who persecuted Christians. St. Stephen served Jesus and went out to preach the good news.
Stephen was chosen by Jesus. When Jesus was choosing the twelve apostles.
Stephen served God by worshipping him, and praising. St. Stephen is known for being the protomartyr, and being one of the first deacons. St. Stephen is the patron saint of of martyrs, stonemasons, and headaches. St. Stephen’s ideas for a perfect person were very similar to
He was a man of great faith. St. Stephen had the gift of knowledge. In Acts 7:2­53, St.
Stephen used this knowledge to impress the scribes and elders with his