Essay about StaGreen by HydroCan Case Study

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StaGreen by HydroCan Case Analysis

Introduction The newly innovative fertilizer like product created by HydroCan called StaGreen brings to the market a new type of fertilizer like product that is different from the conventional leading fertilizers on the market. The ability of StaGreen’s water retention for the grass roots that have been applied with the product is something the traditional brands have not been able to recreate. Market analysis will be conducted on the consumer market, and commercial market, with a decision for which market/ markets will be most profitable to enter for HydroCan. Analysis will look at the financial barriers for each, including market growth and potential of each. After this, a marketing strategy
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StaGreen is their only product and with so few buyers if even one initial buyer is left feeling like the product was of poor quality their influence on the market will likely result in the loss of current customers and future ones. Golf courses are under public scrutiny for their detrimental effects to groundwater quality. The fact that StaGreen reduces the need for fertilizers makes it extremely attractive to course owners looking to silence the bad press surrounding their course maintenance activities. This market offers a greater chance for profits because the competition is less fierce than having to compete in the consumer market for shelf space in large discount stores against Scott’s and Ortho Chemicals, both of whom have large advertising budgets. The seasonal aspect of lawn care related purchasing is not as severe in the commercial market as in the consumer; this means sales will still peak in the summer months but out of season sales levels will be sustained at a higher level than projected in the consumer market. Fewer buyers present a limited opportunity to break into the commercial market for HydroCan. There will always be competition from other sales teams attempting to poach current clients away from golf courses who may be using StaGreen. The sales representative team has the sole responsibility of insuring continued sales; if your team doesn’t execute the perfect pitch to a potential customer they go with a