Stacy Doyle's Argument Against Abortion

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During a time of widespread speculation and controversy surrounding the subject of gun control, many have developed opposing arguments. In the article, “A Pro-Life Editorial in the Wall Street Journal,” by assistant professor of political science at the University of Michigan Michael J. New for The National Review, he argues that, contrary to the position many citizens may hold, abortion is essentially an unethical inhumane escape from parental responsibility. Addressing the people of the United States, he provides a statistic that speaks volumes for the pro-life movement when he states, “The abortion rate in the United States has been falling consistently since the early 1980s. Public opinion has shifted and Guttmacher Institute data indicates a higher percentage of women with unintended pregnancies are choosing to carry their pregnancy to term” (par. 4). The use of this statistic has given New the upper hand when …show more content…
In the article, “Abortion Isn’t a Necessary Evil. It’s Great,” by well renowned writer Stacy Doyle for In These Times, she argues that, there is no ethical, humane solution when talking about abortion rights. Doyle supports her argument with a passage that states, “Abortion saves lives, and even if your life is not directly or immediately endangered by your pregnancy, I don’t have the right to force you to risk life and limb, or go through drastic and painful physical experiences like labor, simply because I prefer that you stay pregnant” (par. 8). This evidence does not have the credibility to accurately support Doyle’s views on abortion. It is only a personal opinion with no reliable sources, which isn’t enough to thoroughly persuade the reader. Even though this article lacks the proper credibility, reliability and sufficiency. I still strongly believe that Doyle’s article is correct due to my previous views o this subject before reading these