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As a part of its effort to secure markets and supplies for its goods, China is taking a much more active role on the international stage than it did in the past. With this more active role comes additional problems, opportunities, and responsibilities that China must address. What motives are driving China’s investment overseas? What was China’s involvement in the unrest in Libya and what does its action mean?
Chi Lo, the author of the article, “Going Global” discusses how China progresses to expand its investments internationally it has to consider the pros and cons of every situation. China’s main objective to go global is to secure the supplies of raw material, energy, and other commodities that they need for their industrialization process. In order for us to judge whether China’s actions are ethical or not, we have to understand that every country must do what it needs to in order to keep its economy sustained. However, there is a way to implement actions to do so. In my opinion, China is not wrong for their motives of acquiring natural resources; they are wrong for the way they are doing to implement this actions. China is stepping into countries’ boundaries as if it’s an angry dog ready to attack. The way that China actually sees it, the overseas economic expansion comes at the cost of exposing the country to exogenous risks that Beijing might not have expected when this push to globalization first began.
China has however experienced conflicts in Libya due to these actions as a violent strike had broken out. China had to evacuate about 35,000 Chinese workers that were working in the oil, rail, telecommunications, and construction industries as the Libyan civilians became a threat to them. However China is now able to make efforts to protect its citizens that are far from home especially when violence may break out. Similar situations happened all across the Middle East in countries including Nigeria, Sudan, Zambia, Angola, Algeria, and throughout Africa. This situation portrays that the rest of the world does not approve of China’s plans to go global aggressively. Additionally, China is now pushing into the South American market and the Chinese companies are taking advantage of the resource-rich regions with no certainty to how compelled they