Staff Mortivation Essay

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Case Study: Staff Motivation: Not so much a pyramid, More a Slippery slope.
Case Introduction:
The ca se study is about an International Air Passenger Transport Organization, facing difficulties even as now
This case mainly forces on Team Motivation & the way of managers’ balance the work with their own teams,
So the relevant case study mainly talks about, Two Managers “Piet” And “Robert” how they are managing, day to day work keeping customers happy to move forward.

Task 1 –
Piet Andaro - Short Term * Piet will be de-motivated impacting the performance of his team and himself. * He might receive negative comments from his management who does not have a full understanding of the role played by Piet which will lead
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The theories based on this subject can be contrasting and are categorized into, “Need content theory”
And Recommending to follow “process / Cognitive Goal theory” theory to full fills the Organization with Motivated staff.

Task 4 -

The case study is about an International Air Passenger Transport Organization who is in front of difficulty since a whilst now, and the systems in which they function have distorted significantly mutually in the approach to satisfactory levels of passengers distress and in the multiplicity and quantity of duties which staff are now predictable to stand out.

Joe Public a client purchased an airline ticket and all aspects of flight operations are subject to the accurate cost benefit analysis identified as revenue per kilometer flown.

This performance of the airline industry has direct to a number of decisions which has kept the customer dissatisfied.

Price branding restrictions linked to historical marketing statistics allow airlines to estimate the number of passengers who will fly in a particular flight. Flexibility to price ratio continues up the scale until the top notch ticket is reached.

At this stage there remains only one small percentage of passenger statistics to be correlated and here restrictions linked to price again come