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General Business:

Group had a potluck at Christin’s apartment to discuss group proposal. Long Hoang, Faith Mbella, Christin Padgett, Wan Dong showed up.
Project ideas, what each member should do on their own and discuss when to meet next.
Email Alejandro Ugarte about his part.

What work has been done:
General ideas about the projects.
Discuss what we should include and divide by parts for members.

What work is being done:
Members figure out what content they should have to finish their parts.

What work needs to be done:
Figure out next meetings
Get everyone’s parts and start organizing them cohesively.

Meeting minutes: Date: September 29, 2013
Time: 5:00 pm – 6:45
Location: Christin’s apartment

Attendees: Long Hoang, Wan Dong, Christin Padgett, Faith Mbella

Absent: Alejandro Ugarte

Discussion: What social need we should be addressing in Dallas? What company should we represent? What action should this company take?

Conclusion: We would represent Samsung to bring up a campaign to help homeless people. We would collaborate the Boy and Girl organization to give homeless people donated food cans.

Individual parts:

What- Year around food drive and soup kitchen every 3 months (Long)
Statistics on food drives
Statistics on homeless/ hungry people in Dallas
Statistics on soup kitchens

Who- Volunteers from Samsung, Boys and Girls club, Citizens who signed up ( Wan)
Facts about B&G Club
Samsungs participation