Essay on Staffordshire and Alton Towers

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The stakeholders are the people that are interested in the business, here are some examples of stakeholders:
Staff: The advantages for the staff will be there are going to be more jobs and many more customers with a new business. The disadvantages for staff are if a new Alton Towers is opened then the old Alton Towers will have no customers and then will not need as much staff as they needed before.

Suppliers: if Alton Towers open a new theme park then all the local suppliers will benefit for that for example the food supplier will have more business than before due to the new Alton Towers new theme park. The disadvantages for suppliers if Alton Towers open a new theme park then the local suppliers will get more business but the Alton Towers may decide they want to employ a more trusted supplier.

Local residents: the advantages are that the local residents will have a lot more job in the area then before and plus for the residents it will be much closer than the other one in Staffordshire. The disadvantages will be if the new Alton Towers is built then the residents will be disturbed due to the noise while building the theme park and the street will be packed with customer and you won’t be able to get out of the street like you used to before the new theme park idea.
The disadvantages of local residents will be that if a theme park is built there will a lot of noise day and night a lot of disturbances, the street will be packed will cars everywhere and you won’t be able to get out of the street in a hurry.

The advantages for customers are that if the Alton Towers decide to build another theme park is that it will be closer for the customers to travel because the other theme park could have been farer.
One disadvantages for the customers is that if they go to the new Alton Towers it may be rubbish compared to the old one and…