Essay on Stain Investigation Questions

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Discussion and Conclusion

1. How did you ensure that your method to test the staining was a fair test?
The amount of each substance added to each piece of clothing remained constant (5 drops). Also the amount of time each stain was left to absorb was the same (5 minutes), so no advantage was given to either fabric. Also water was used to wash down both nano cotton and ordinary cotton of their stains. This allowed us to compare the staining agents on both fabrics.

2. Prepare a table listing the items that stained the nano cotton and those which did not.


3. Based upon your data, what other staining agent would you expect nano cotton to be able to resist?

We expect nano cotton would be resistant to red wine. This is because red wine has very similar properties to Ribena and raspberry cordial, which both didn’t stain the nano cotton. Red wine is also water based, and nano cotton is hydrophobic (water repelling), therefore red wine wouldn’t stain the nano cotton.

4. Draw a Venn diagram to compare the staining agents that stain ordinary cotton and nano cotton.

5. You are in charge of a textile factory making Nano cotton.

a. What products would you make out of Nano cotton?
I would make table cloths, chef’s uniforms and primary school children’s uniforms.
b. Invent a marketing slogan for your product/s.
Table cloths  The cleanest table cloth you’ll even own.
Chef’s Uniform  Super clean, almost pristine.
Primary school children’s uniforms  Stains wont remain.

6. List the sources of error with your experiment and describe how they could be avoided.

The experiment could have been improved if the amount of water added to each fabric, when washing the stains away was kept constant.

We also varied between just rinsing and rubbing and rinsing the cottons. This could have been resolved, if we had stated in our method whether we would merely rinse the cottons or rubbing and rinsing the cottons under water, to keep the test fair.

Also more drops of some…