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Shareholder analysis
Part 1A
As can be seen in Global2, Shareholders are one of the primary stakeholders, which can affect and be affected by the products, policies, practices of businesses, and a firm’s actions, etc. (Peng, pp. 203- 204). Besides, it can be defined as individual shareholders, mutual fund shareholders and institution shareholders that legally own stock or shares of a corporation. Furthermore, the shareholders benefit from the growth in value of their original investment and the flow of dividend income. On the other hand, if a business fail, shareholders might lose their investment.
Part 1B
According to the stock information at and Yahoo Finance, Apple has a total of 938.65 million shares outstanding. (macroaxis, n.d.) The largest Institutional shareholder was Vanguard Group Inc., which had a holding of 4.61% (43,247,824 shares). The Largest Mutual Fund shareholder was Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund with a holding of 1.4% (13,099,023 shares). (Major Holders, n.d.). As can be seen, institutional shareholders held more shares than Mutual Fund shareholders.
Furthermore, there are 1985 Institutions holding shares, up to 64% of shares are held by Institutional and Mutual Fund owners (Major Holders, n.d.). It means the survival and prosperity of apple might be relied on these major shareholders.
Community analysis
Part 1a
Community is one of the primary stakeholders, on which the firm relies for its continuous survival and development (Peng). What's good for a company is good for the community. A business can create jobs, products and services for a community as a whole. In other words, when a business increases its profits and reduces its costs and risks, the whole community benefits.
Part 1B
Apple is the most admired technology company in the world. It is known as a leading innovator of consumer electronics, changing the way people work, learn and play. Long time ago, computers were rare, expensive with complex systems; by thinking differently, Apple has made a greatest breakthrough in technology by building flawlessly integrated hardware and software with the philosophy that technology should be easy; fun; affordable; raising the standards of the consumer market; and most importantly, benefiting the community as a whole.

Part 2b: issue
In this particular issue, shareholders are not really affected. According to the article, “Labour rights activists said Foxconn had trampled on China's labour laws and that it increasingly works in collusion with local or even provincial governments to procure workers.” (Moore, 2012). As can be seen, It means Foxconn- Apple’s supplier and its employees are the only two stakeholders that suffering and being affected the most in this issue. Frankly, if the Apple’s manager only pursue the economic bottom line such as profits and shareholder returns, this issue might not be any big deal for them. However, the business which is only about making money is a poor business; a successful…