Stakeholders of Marks and Spencer and Their Influence and Powers Essay

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Ma Strategic Management

Module of Organisational Strategy

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Ahmad Hussain Kaisrani

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Dr Leslie Doyle; Dr Emanuela Todeva

University of Wales


Strategic Investigative Questions (03)

History of Marks and Spencer (04)

General Introduction of M&S (04)

The SWOT Analysis (06)

Source of Information (07)

Stakeholders and their power and ability (08)

Stakeholder Summary (09)

Organisational Configuration (10)

Evaluation of Corporate Structure (11)

Functional lines of communication (11)

Internal and External Linkages (13)

Conclusions (15)

References (16)

Strategic Investigative Questions

Following are the two questions which our group were
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This can be split into

Current management
Retired management

They (as a team) are very beneficial and possess the power to make decisions and choices and also implement them as and when needed. They are also responsible to provide satisfactory explanation to convince other stakeholders that the decision taken is for goodwill of the organization.

The shareholders are also of two kinds

Major shareholders
Minor Shareholders

The major shareholders (the fund managers) and their team hold the power to bring required changes at the top managerial level. Hence we can consider strong influence of major shareholders. While minor shareholders cannot execute much power except from selling their holdings.

Analysts and Commentators
Journalists and many reporters publishing news about the company may not have direct power but since their articles are read by many stock holders hence they indirectly have strong influence to the decisions made by the company.

The job prospects and future growth are an obvious reason that is concerning to the employees. The decision of closing down the M&S chain in France resulted in huge protests across London. Hence employees can exert their influence by protesting or violating against the decisions that are not acceptable.

Suppliers play