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Rt/Lft communism
WWI: Pre Stalin, Russia enters war with strong army.

This is pre stalin
War communism:
Bolsheviks policy during civil war
Rt communists would not agree with war communism because the creators of the policy were Bolsheviks, which were left communists.
Totalitarian: idea was based on ideology.
NEP: Allowed for private ownership and capitalism, but government still in control of banks (mixed economy)
Rt: would like the fact that the NEP was based on a capitalist idea, but dislike the fact that the give still controlled most of it. Lt communists: would not like the NEP because it went against Marxist ideology.
Rev: based on Marxism ideology was flawed, also impacted social factors
FYP: list of economic goals created by Stalin, relied on rapid industrialization
Rt: wanted to continue revolution. Lt: wanted slower industrialization
Rev: social factors determine staliinism
Collectivization: to transform traditional agriculture in the Soviet Union and to reduce the economic power of the kulaks
Rt: did not agree with this, wanted to control economy and gov right away. Lt: it is an approach to Marxism

Rev: based on Marxism, ideology flawed as well as social issues
Rapid industrialization: solution of NEP that forced peasantry to cities
Rt: did not agree fully bc peasants were ignorant and could screw up production. Lt: wanted slower industrialization

Port rev: based on Marxism but social factors surrounded event
Purge/Show trials: To rid of opposition, was initiated by murder of kirov
Members of the party were being killed, left ok with removing opp.
Rev: social impact on society
High Stalinism: A time when Stalin’s key policies could be pursued without minor worries
Rt: did agree to an extent, until his actions were pro Marxian. Lt: agreed when he took Marxists approach
Post Rev: both social and ideologically flawed
Role of women: transformation of women’s role was the result of the 5 year plan, collectivization and new patterns under Stalin
Left communists wanted women to work at same level as men, so when times changed they favored a working