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Stakeholder analysis of IT Project Stakeholder analysis is critical to the success of every project in every organization. Analysing the right kind of stakeholders in the right way in IT project can make a big to its success. In fact, stakeholder analysis is a phenomena used to identify the key people who have to be influenced. Stakeholder Analysis includes a group of institutional project owners, the design /programming team, advisory groups/committees, groups representing future users/occupants, standing committees and government agencies too. Moreover, shareholders, alliance partners, suppliers, lenders, trade associations, the press, interest groups analysts and the public are also the part of stakeholder analysis.
While making stakeholder analysis, the other thing we need is to “prioritize our stakeholders,” who are affected by the work as they can have power either to block or advance. Hence, it is mandatory to understand the “key stakeholders”, how likely they are to feel about and react to the project. Understanding them can better help in engaging them in the project and also to communicate best with them so as to win their interest.
For yielding the best result of this project, prioritization of stakeholders involves the project’s relationship with individuals, groups and organisations who may or might be affected by our business. For example, practitioners may be more likely to know why they should adopt and emphasize this very project whilst the heads of this particular faculty may be more concerned with resourcing, budgeting and how to integrate the innovations into their policies. Moreover, the…