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Stamp act united Americans because they felt a government in which they were not represented shouldn’t tax them as they were full citizens of the united kingdom.

Americans felt that they had to unite to fight against the injustices of the British government

The Americans felt that the stamp act was too strong because it was based on every printed material which were daily necessities

The Americans felt the tax was not fair on them because in Britain the tax was only 2 pounds while in America it was 10 pounds

The Americans boycotted many of the goods that were classified under the stamp act as protest against the tax

The Americans threatened the tax collectors with tarring and feathering

The Americans also felt that they were being robbed because for newspapers they were forced to buy special paper for newspapers and legal documents from the British

The Americans took offence from the stamp act because unlike the sugar act which was an external tax, which only taxed goods that were imported into the colonies, the stamp act was an internal act which was levied on directly on the goods and properties of the Americans.

Bostonians were in the habit of congregating in large groups to express themselves politically.

most stamp distributors had resigned, and legal and business proceedings only continued because the colonial legislatures threatened to withhold the salaries of those in a position to halt them. By the end of 1765, almost every colony was functional, without stamped paper.

It was not surprising that Boston emerged as the center of resistance to the Stamp Act. In 1765, Bostonians were not living