Stand By Me Analysis

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Stand By Me in my opinion is not only the best coming of age movie but also the best overall movie. The story begins with 3 young teens, Gordie, Chris, and Teddy in a tree house smoking cigarettes and playing card games when their chubby friend Vern starts knocking the secret knock on the door to get in bringing a newspaper article in with him showing his friends that they should go find Ray Brower's body along the Royal River and be heroes. Gordie is the most mature kid out of all four, he does not get much attention at home because his parents favor his older brother that died in a car wreck. Even before his brother died his parents didn’t pay much attention to him. Chris on the other hand is the complete opposite of his best friend Gordie …show more content…
Little did they know that there were going to be many challenging obstacles along the way. Some of the obstacles that they faced together was being chased by a train on a 70ft bridge over a river and barely came out alive and being chased down by a junkyard dog that could have ate them alive if it really wanted to. All the obstacles had played a major part but the one that stood out the most was when they all had to cross a creek to get to the other side and they all came out covered in leeches and Gordie had one in his private area and passed out. From then on the boys never took anything for granted because they had no clue what happened to Gordie. Vern thought he was dead but he really just fainted from seeing all the blood and the leech. That night it seemed as if the boys had grew a stronger bond together because the whole day they were facing deadly obstacles and they wanted to turn around a go back but they knew that if they made it this far they had to finish it. As they made it passed each and every obstacle they gained more confidence in themselves as well. They all started to open up and tell fictional stories, and tell real stories about their childhood. Teddy started to cry and let all his emotions out when he started talking about his dad. Then they all came together and hugged and said they were there for