Standard Operating Procedure Essay

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SOP, or standard operating procedure, is a detailed, written instruction to achieve uniformity of the performance and appearance of a specific function. In the military the sop is suppose to be a reference for soldiers to consult whenever they have doubts about their knowledge on the proper way to complete an action. They have both operational and technical components, and they are essential to the development and deployment of solutions, as well as daily operations. My introduction to the Barracks SOP was when I arrived here at DLI. During Ph IV, I was told that to survive here or anywhere in the Army I needed to know the Barracks SOP from front cover to back cover. I did take the time to learn how my barracks room was to supposed to be …show more content…
Another section covers area of interest, which lays out the departments or jurisdictions to which the SOP document applies. Additional sections, which are specific to the SOP's respective applications, may include visual aids, chain-of-command, objectives, procedures, materials and equipment and documentation requirements. The final step in the process of creating a SOP document is experienced reviewers, who did not author the document, review the SOP for clarity and ease of use. The review process may also include testing to make sure that each procedure in the SOP document works as expected. After review and testing, an immediate supervisor, such as a unit commander or executive officer, approves the SOP document for distribution and use. Whenever procedures, materials or available technologies change, authors should review and revise the SOP document to ensure that it remains current and applicable. The agency or unit should also conduct periodic reviews every one or two years to ensure that the SOP is current and applicable to modern needs and available resources. The Army also uses the SOP to establish uniformity throughout the service and all of the different army posts. One of the most important environments for the SOPs to be implemented is during the IET stage. This will help to guarantee Army-wide cohesion for the next generation of soldier if we are taught the same processes. To my experience this seems