Standardized Testing DBQ Essay

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Although most believe that standardized testing’s primary end is to evaluate students, it serves many other purposes. For example, a teacher's aptitude can be examined by studying her students’ progress, and school quality can also be judged by test scores. Not everyone acknowledges the benefits of standardized testing. Opponents find it useless, unfair, and not worthy of resumption. A major weakness in standardized testing lies in its failure to benefit all demographics. Journalist Meridith Broussard, a data science professional, discovered that standardized tests are “based on specific knowledge contained in specific books: the textbooks created by the test makers” (Source 1). This fact might seem like an advantage because the tests are …show more content…
Even though plenty of students receive massive benefits, others feel overwhelmed and hopeless. Regardless of whether standardized testing is fair to all students, the tests provide valuable information outside of their intended purpose that can aid the improvement of U.S. education. Even though, as of now, not everyone has the tools to succeed on the test, the concept and positive effects are invaluable. Without a standard to keep schools accountable, American education will experience a disparity far more extreme than test scores. Standardized testing serves as a progress assessment, and “assessment is a key in the process of education” (Source 4). A promising way to utilize standardized testing in the future is to intentionally prepare more schools for the test. The Aspire test “aligned with Alabama’s college and career ready standards” is taking many new forms to prepare students (Source 6). As more and more ways of revising the test are introduced, the readiness of students for performing well in college increases. Students who do not succeed on the ACT, such as minorities who have not been exposed to cultural aspects of the test, can receive new tests tailored to their cultures, while testing the same concepts. Students adept in science can take higher readability tests to show their skills. While standardized testing in the current form has negatives, the concept is