Standardized Testing In Schools Essay

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Do you really think that we need standardised testing in schools? A lot of parents do, but do they know what standardized testing is really doing? I believe that Standardised testing is not necessary in schools. Because standardized testing can actually do more harm than good. Students may not even try because they know that is does nothing to there grade. Thats right standardized testing does not even go against the student. Standardized testing only goes against the teacher to see if they are teaching good enough. But what happens if you have a student that is amazing at everything but then when it comes to test she gets to anxious and fails, and that counts on the teacher does that makes any sense. like WHAT! Do you really think that teachers should lose there job from a test?
My first reason is all of this testing is making teachers teach to the test. What this means it that the teachers don't teach real life things instead they just teach so you know the things of the
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“Determining the quality of a child's education based on these two subjects alone is ridiculously unfair. As it ignores other subjects in the humanities, arts and sciences and subsequently results in less funding and support for subjects not pertinent to the test.” Even more why would a world wide test not even test art and science and social studies. So basically the test is saying only math and language arts is good. “Schools that produce favorable results are often rewarded with increased funding. While schools and students labeled as "failing" are left out in the cold.” So what are you going to do just because you failed one test your whole school is left in the cold. Is this what we really want for our kids education. So just because a kid fail or multiple kids fails means that the whole school get punished and that Is not fair at