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No Limits In today’s modern world one has to be challenged in order to enhance their intellectual mind. Therefore, getting by twelve years of education with merely making D’s is not enough in my opinion. A student should be able to display their acquired knowledge throughout their schooling on a standardized test which will also encourage the student knowing that he or she has to pass in order to graduate. I strongly believe that placing a standardized test where students have to pass in order to receive their diploma is absolutely necessary and will help improve academic achievement. Following this topic further, one may argue that their child is not the best test taker which puts them at a disadvantage upon approaching an exit-level test. Yet, isn’t this what high school is all about? The system in place is getting these young adults ready for college where passing mind-terms and finals is mandatory to get credit for the class. Teachers are willing to help students prepare for vital tests such as one to receive their diploma, so it falls into the students hands to believe in the process that their teachers put out for them in order to pass. One may fail due to the lack of preparation, for example if the bad test taker does not work on his weaknesses mentally then they will not be able to succeed on the test. Yet, a student like this will still have another chance to take the test in most cases where exit-level exams are given out. In addition, this test will help propel academic achievement because it gives students motivation to do better in school knowing they have to prepare for a test that means loads to them. For instance, the student who is just getting by in school will have to put forth more effort knowing he hast to get ready for this major test. Not only does this help him gain his diploma, but it enhances his intelligence while he prepares unknowingly. And on the other hand, for the student who is always doing well in school, a test such as this one does no harm because most kids in the upper echelon of the class understand that they are getting prepared for their future. Mastering a test that might be difficult for some and easier for others does not have any