Standards for School Leadership Essay

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Assignment 1 - Standards for School District Leadership - Carlos Ramirez
Since its development in 1994 the standards of Educational Leadership have pursued promoting an understanding on what is expected from the educational administration field.1 The goal of this paper is to present a personal appraisal of a connection between the ELCC standards and my own experiences in district leadership and a reflection on my professional practice of the standards. It is implicit that an educational leader should promote the success of every student by advocating and effectively implementing the 6 standards of Educational Leadership. 2

Standard 1. A Vision of Learning
Standard 2. A Strong School Culture and Instructional Program
Standard 3. A
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Educational Leaders need to be able to include all members of the school community to ensure buy-in, integrity and appropriateness of the decision making process for school improvement thus ensuring dignity and respect for all. Communication plays a big role in this process ensuring that the leaders can address any barriers that could prevent student learning with any stakeholder as well as set priorities for the development of learning strategies for diverse populations. This standard also requires the educational leaders to be learners who model and encourage life-long learning, by setting a culture of high expectations for themselves, their students and staff and holding everyone accountable on a regular basis.5
Standard 3. A Safe, Efficient, and Effective Learning Environment
By managing the organization, operations, and resources in a way that promotes a safe, efficient and effective learning environment, the educational leader enhances the student learning. In addition, the knowledge of the organization empowers the leader to create a learning environment conducive to the success of all students. The proper allocation of human resources, facilities and technology are essential to