Stanford Prison Experiment

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Hunter Copelan
Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment

1 – The police procedures left them wondering what they could have possibly done to get into this mess. Things like pressing them against the car in plain daylight in front of his neighbors caused the student to feel embarrassed and less human. Fear came from being taken without knowing why.
2 – cognitive dissonance is something one exhibits when they are experiencing conflicting thoughts or emotions. The guards might have demonstrated this by knowing that this was not the correct way to treat a prisioner, but treating them in a harsh way anyways to keep up with the other guards or to stay in trustworthiness with them. I feel I would have been a mean guard at first, then changed into ione of the guards whonever punished and probably got trampled over, plagued with guilt over how I had first treated them.
3 – “Good guards” saw how easily the bad guards trampled over the prisoners, and most likely saw them in the same way the prisoners eventually did – an authority figure you don’t want to mess with.
4 – I probably would not have been able to handle the experience, in all truthfulness. I have a very low threshold for pain, emotional and physical, and probably would have been scared and had an anxiety attack the first or second day. I don’t think I would be able to take real jail either, and would probably, after freaking out for years, resort to being the zombie-like person, not being able to handle the cutoff from