Stanford Prison Experiment Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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When you are faced with a new role in life everyone knows that you have to adjust to this change. For some this change is an easy adjustment. You establish order and figure out how making this change more relevant. But for others this change can consume you. This change can make you someone one you never dreamed of being, this can change you and never make you think the same way again. Overall, the “Stanford Prison Experiment” and the Lord of the Flies shows how people are put into roles and become dangerously adapted to them, they show violent traits and just become savages. In the book Lord of the Flies a plane was carrying a bunch of British school boys ages 6-12, away from the war. The plane crashed on an island in the middle of the …show more content…
In the Lord of the Flies, the boys split up into two groups the hunters became “savages” and Ralph and his group wanted to establish order. In the “Stanford Prison Experiment”, they were split up into two groups the guard became violent and the prisoners wanted to be civilized. Also in both Lord of the Flies and the “Stanford Prison Experiment”, they believe that humanity can be evil. Jack in the Lord of the Flies represents that all humans can be savages. In the “Stanford Prison Experiment” they saw how one person’s personality can be changed when given authority. During the experiment, the prisoner were to wear nylons to show that their heads had been shaved. (Stanford) In the Lord of the Flies the boys hair has grown out, they have abandoned most of their clothes, and they have war paint all over their faces. (Shmoop) They took away their own identities and became a group. When the boys landed on the island, they were very innocent and when the men went into the prison they were innocent. The men in the prison knew that they could leave at anytime, while the boys not able to leave, they also had to select a chief and create a signal fire to be rescued. The older kids acted like the guard and the younger kids acted like the