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There are many difficult aspects of the transition to college academically. First, would be studying for classes. This is because I don't have my parents bugging me about getting it done so I end up procrastinating and waiting until the last minute. To get better at studying, I started to go to the library to focus more on my homework and other assignments. The result of this made me less distracted and I improved in my classes instantly. Another issue would be taking notes during class. I have a problem of what I should or should not write and decide if the information is important or not. To improve the weakness I can just write the main points, examples, and highlight the very important notes. Overall, my notes have improved a lot since the start of the semester. Reading can be struggle for me as well, especially in college. In most of my classes, my teachers make me read 20 to 30 pages of the textbook. In high school, our teachers barely made us read so it was hard for me to transition for 0 pages to 30 pages. I want to improve my reading and understand it because I will need to for the future.
Another issue is how stressful I get during the week. With the amount of homework I get and the less sleep, it is hard to function during the day and night. I currently play on the D3 ice hockey team and we have practice at 10:15pm and 10:45pm at night. By the time I get home, its almost midnight or later. I get really stressed out when I don't get full amount of sleep that is needed. To not get as stressed as I usually do, I should finish all my homework and readings as soon as I get it and take naps when I'm free to catch up on my sleeping. This would help me refresh and get energized for the rest of the week. Writing papers is also a issue for me in college. I tend to not have a lot of detail in my papers, therefore not reaching the length that my teacher wants it to be. To improve this issue, I need to be more specific and add as much information about that topic. I've had this problem since Junior year of high school and it never improved. I've attempted to improve my writing skills but it never worked. As of right now, I