Star Trek's Influence On Modern Technology

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“Beam me up Scotty”, this iconic line from Star Trek, the science fiction television show that arguably has had the most influence on modern technology, really puts into perspective the goal the creators of the show had when trying to come up with technology that could be realistic in the future. Both written media and recorded media have had a huge impact on technology as we know it today, and it is still having a big impact today. Science fiction in film is more influential in than it is in books, a visual of what the technology is and how it works is easier to understand than having to rely on the author's ability to convey it in a way the reader can understand.
Continuing with the theme of Star Trek, it is widely known as one of the most influential television shows to modern technology. While by today’s standards the computers on board the USS Enterprise of the original Star Trek series are archaic looking, at the time of release they were a radical new idea. In a time before keyboards
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And as long as we have dreamers and forward thinkers willing to take risks and push the boundaries, we will have new, unbelievable inventions and technology for generations to come. When the writers of sci-fi movies and TV shows such as Star Trek first started developing the show, I'm sure they weren’t thinking, "Hey, I'm going to create the set with futuristic devices which in 30-50 years will become part of our everyday lives". No, they were probably just trying to create a set with a space-age reality-workable but still nothing that had ever been seen in our current world. What may have started out as a quest to solve real world problems, developers have taken innovativeness from the past, be it from movies, books, science, etc., all have all played a major part in inspiring our world of technology. As one of the greatest imagineers of all time quoted, "If you can dream it, you can do it".-Walt