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Star Wars episode IV, “A New Hope” is a civil war period that takes place in a galaxy far, far away. Archetypes, sound effects, and music make this an action packed adventure movie directed by George Lucas. “George Lucas was born in Modesto, California, on May14, 1944. From a young age, George was a comic book fan, and when he was ten, his father bought the family’s first television” (Bodden, Valerie). He focused all his time on watching adventure television shows until he got his driver’s license. His time then was spent on driving all over in Modesto. On June 12, 1962, George was involved in a horrible car accident causing him several broken bones and crushed his lungs. Needless to say he was going to have a long road to recover. “During that time he enrolled into junior college and after he graduated, he was accepted to USC film school, were he at last discovered his true passion for making movies” (Bodden, Valerie). “The Star Wars film tells the story of a struggle between the forces of good and evil, played out in a science fiction fantasy” (“ Lucas, George”). The movie opens with music by John Williams that creates the mood and gives the audience a visual image of being in space. Throughout the movie you will here dramatic music in different scenes that comes from an orchestra. They use a variety of styles from the Romantic to the contemporary. In the movie there are several archetypes but one of the most recognized is Luke Skywalker. He wear’s the colors white, yellow and brown which resembles youth, innocence and a new beginning meaning he is untouched by the world. “He is a young farm boy destined to become a Jedi Knight and use the force to save his galaxy from the empire and the death machine, the Death Star” ( He leaves the planet and goes to space where through his mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi he gains wisdom to help him through his fights. He becomes more confident and blows up the death star at the end. Obi-Wan Kenobi costume is brown having to do with land. He has a blue light saber which represents peace. He becomes a father figure and mentor for Luke. When he was a young boy he was taken from his family just like Luke and found a mentor named Qui-Gon Jinn who helped him develop into a powerful jedi. He became one of the best skilled swordsmen ever. Darth Vader also known as Dark Lord of the Sith wears all black. The color black represents evil and his light saber is red which represents blood, violence and death. He is trying to gain power of the dark side and will do whatever is needed including betraying his own Master and killing others by crushing their throats. Initially there are several sounds that one can make in reference to this and all star wars movies and will immediately recall or “jog” a person’s memory to the movie. Although the music is not necessarily a “sound effect”, its effects have a profound on the movie and theme itself making it an important part of the movie. When the movie starts and the director is giving the viewers a synopsis of the film, everyone is familiar with the theme music which prepares you