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Emerald City Culture

What is American culture? While some may think the culture is the same across the US, there are many regional differences. Popular slang and expressions on the east coast, for example, might be unknown on the west coast. Likewise, food that is eaten in the South may be unheard of in other parts of the country. Seattle, nicknamed ‘Emerald City’, is in the Pacific Northwest, far away from the rest of America. Thus, it should come as no surprise that unique customs and taboos, and people, can be found in Seattle.
First of all, in regards to customs, it is important to know that Seattle is the birthplace of the ‘coffee culture’. While it may be true that other cities in America have their own smaller collection of coffee shops, only Seattle has the very first Starbucks in the world! As well, these cafes are everywhere, on every corner, which is partly due to the city’s cool wet weather. Customers typically spend hours in a ‘Starbucks’ or a ‘Caffe Vita’ just to escape the rainy weather. Not only that, but Seattleites’ prized possessions seem to be their coffee thermoses. These are usually carried all over the city by coffee addicts, wherever they go, to warm up. Sipping on mochas, lattes, or Americanos throughout the day is so popular that the whole city smells like coffee!
The next point has to do with certain taboos, one of which means not being ‘green’ in Emerald City. Garbage cans and recycling bins stand side by side on every corner and in every park. Signs encourage people to throw their trash in the correct place, and it is actually a crime to throw away a bottle. As well, the city enforces strict laws on plastic bags, which are prohibited in grocery stores. As a result, most shoppers carry their own bags, and if you don’t bring your own, you need to pay for a bag. It is important to remember to care about the environment in Seattle. Finally, Seattleites are known to be quite progressive; many innovative ideas have