Starbucks and Mitigate Starbucks Coffee Essay

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Economic Risk and Appropriate Ways to Mitigate Starbucks Coffee is not void risk when operating in the current economic and political state, which is volatile. “Create jobs for the USA was specifically designed to give Americans a simple, specific way to take action and be part of a solution to our national job emergency. Our initial process tells us that we can continue to grow this public-private initiative and that the emotional appeal of Americans helping Americans resonates, especially when our fellow citizens know that their participation contributes to their own communities in sustainable ways.” Howard Schultz Within the domestic region, Starbucks faces risk such as market saturation, losing customers, and marketing to Generation X. Generation X is considered the younger generation. Starbucks had 17 retail shops located in Seattle when they opened 15 years ago. Starbucks has since they have expanded in more than 40 countries. At one point, Starbucks had a coffee shop for every 9,400 people within Seattle. Market saturation has been a concern for investors and also a concern for their employees wanting advancement and growth within the company. Losing customers is one major risk for Starbucks and their future growth. Some of the market share is concerned about the products offered by Starbucks, leaving few options for consumers. Global expansion is a goal, and one of their core goals, but because Starbucks mostly has retail shops with local partners, Starbucks risk is making less capital in global markets. In 2008, America’s economic meltdown forced many companies to downsize, including Starbucks to close numerous retail outlets. Even with fewer stores, the concern for market saturation still exists. The focus now is on strengthening their basis with the United States by