Starbucks and Starbucks Mission Statement Essay

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Starbucks 68-71
Continuing Case
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1. Howard Schultz is the chairman, president and ceo, of Starbucks and it is imperative that he has many skills. He must have the ability to manage and be aware of their inner fire meant. He needs to be able to plan, lead, organize and control. This will allow him to effectively manage and coordinate within the company.
2. It might help Starbucks to use scientific management theories to help make a process that is more streamlined. This would be including dealing with employees, doing inventory, making beverages, and purchasing. It would also be beneficial to Starbucks to look at organizational behavioral theories in order to reduce employee turnover. Lastly the quantitative approach might also be useful so is that Starbucks can keep only the essential inventory and performs better financially.
3. Three of the current trends that may face Starbucks includes globalization, ethical standards, and diverse workforce. In our world today we are experiencing the interconnectedness that is referred to as globalization. Starbucks operates in many countries around the world but Starbucks still needs to understand the global environment and the differences in each of the countries that they serve.
Also ethical standards will vary tremendously and as a result Starbucks needs to have an in-depth understanding of the way to operate a company within this new country. They have to be knowledgeable about what is going on with in that country in order to be respectful of the practices where they are doing business.
Diversity in the workforce is something really huge right now so as Starbucks continues to expand and grow they need to make sure that everyone is realizing the impact and importance of diverse city in the workforce. This must be implemented at a human resource level.
4. Howard Schultz plays many roles as CEO of Starbucks. He uses interpersonal roles, informational roles and decisional roles . I was an interpersonal role he works with many different people around the globe from different backgrounds. He creates relationships and acts as a representation of his company. He uses this to work closely with the countries and the partners that Starbucks works closely with. He is also the leader of the company and he is the face of Starbucks.Schultz also has to be developing innovations for Starbucks and has to work as an entrepreneur in the decisional role.

Schultz is also able to take a look at information regarding his company and analyze that in order to make strategic decisions for the company. This includes expanding product lines, building new stores, implementing new processes.
5. Howard Schultz has a very positive philosophy regarding his company. He feels that his company can do good for its workers, shareholders and customers. It is these ideas that he has which have helped Starbucks rise to the top. By making employees and customers happy it helps eliminate the opportunities to make the customer upset.
6. Scott Maw is the Executive Vice President and chief financial officer of Starbucks. His job is to look at Starbucks from a financial perspective and insure that it's financial data is accurate and being properly presented to shareholders. Ultimately his job is incredibly important because he is the one that manages all the financial processes and returns this data to shareholders.
7. Starbucks has a wonderful set of values. They believe in inspiring and nurturing the human spirit. They want to be known for being transparent, dignified, and respectful. Their values include holding themselves accountable for results, however being performance driven with humanity in mind.
8. I think Starbucks and Howard Schultz's role is more on the potent. He is leaving the