Starbucks In Vietco Case Study

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Individual Element
Huynh Mai My Dung
Is Starbucks having a good impact on the Vietnamese Coffee Industry?
After finished our project, I would like to demonstrate in this element on what is commendable and what is needed to improve. Since we decided to pick Starbuck as a topic for our group. We have been in so many struggles in first couples of days. But after getting to know each other and starting to collaborate synchronizing together. We have learnt so many things, like how Starbucks make company in Vietnam, or the investment and money does Starbucks paid, how the people think about Starbucks and the most important thing is how we think about Starbucks. Everything become so interesting which enthusiastic us every single day. In this individual element, I would like to show the pros and cons in our work. Also what ways can we do to make it better on the next time.
My aims for this project is to improve my researching skills, analyzing information, learn new things as many as possible and also, I want to find out whether Starbucks is helping or hurting the Vietnamese Coffee Industry. For a reason that Starbucks has just came to Vietnam for 2 to 3 years so we don’t have enough data and info to answer this question precisely. All we found out that most of Vietnamese people genuinely in love with Starbucks.
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They didn’t reply to our questionnaire – because of exams and things in the UK school too busy. To help make a smooth process, next time we work with people closer. We also tried to skype the UK and Australia, it is sometime very difficult to talk when our schedule so different. We wanted to skype so we could have interview and ask many questions. In the end, we had to send questionnaire with very simple questions and yes and no answers. It was easy to use the information but not very in deep. Cross cultural collaboration is a great idea, but also difficult to