Starbucks Organizational Commitment Essay

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Starbucks Organizational Commitment and Organization
How does America’s largest coffee company continue to succeed in a tough market? It devises a strategic plan that focuses on effective leadership and a strong organizational structure. Starbucks continuously adapts to the challenges of its critics and overcomes challenges. Its leadership style greatly influences the organizational communication of the company that allows its employees to feel empowered.
Given the organizational structure of Starbucks set by Howard Schultz, one can see the “Big Five” characteristics of an outstanding leader. His flexibility and adaptability to the changes in the industry allows him to shine and lead. Mr. Schultz exhibits the leadership styles of a
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Having a transformational leader using the goal-setting theory is effective in Starbucks culture because it allows for their diverse workforce to relate and work effectively. Although diversity brings conflicts, Starbucks has broken a wall in the communication barrier. Leaders promote and encourage innovation and new ideas from their ideas. This motivation is what gives their employees the empowerment of being able to do whatever it is that they want to accomplish.
The empowerment that Starbucks gives to their employees is personal power. The power to utilize their individual unique characteristics (Robbins & Judge, 2011) to make a cup of coffee, help out a customer, or create a welcoming environment at their Starbucks store, they are given a power and voice. This informal power is great in their diverse organization because it provides for many creative ideas.
Although this may not apply to all levels of employees to be an entry-level employee and know that you have a voice and that your opinion matters, makes the commitment to work for the company a little more satisfying. While the levels of power of different amongst management and entry-level employees, all employees in Starbucks are empowered in one way or another. Management may exhibit legitimate, reward and expert power or a combination of some, Starbucks in not in the business of coercive power (Robbins & Judge,